Dimbulah's St Anthony's - a school for peace

Recently we heard about a fantastic school in the far north of Queensland of Australia with a class that has really lived the 'Peace begins with Me' ethos.

The year 7 class at St Anthony's in Dimbulah, Far North Queensland, as part of a unit on conflict and cooperation, created some fantastic Peace Art which we are featuring below.

"The students learned that world peace can be promoted by practicing peaceful thoughts and behaviours in their everyday lives," said their teacher, Mrs Berry Porter. The students also wrote and performed plays that demonstrated conflict resolution skills and peaceful outcomes to everyday problems.

While the world news seems to concentrate so much on the wars and conflicts around the globe, it was a delight to see the students work being so positive about peace in their own lives as well as world peace. Have a look for yourself! The students comments are a revelation in themselves.





Peace and Peril by Brandon Pozzebon

This poster represents the fact that although there is much conflict in the world there is also a lot of peace to be found too. I chose to use the peace symbol because it is  a universal symbol of peace and the tree represents new life, these symbols sit against a black background which represents darkness and conflict.

This poster reminds me of peace in times of war and conflict.


The World at Peace by Connie Fregona

I chose to use peace symbols that are recognized internationally in my poster. The heart, flower and dove all represent love, new life and peace. I have placed my peace symbols against a background of the Earth. This poster reminds me that there can be peace in the world.


The Flower of Peace by Sally Bartlett

I chose these colours and symbols because they mean peace to me. The symbols in the heart of the flower mean peace, love and new life. This poster makes me feel fresh and peaceful.



Rainbow Colours by Dwaine Bugno

I have used the tree, the dove and the rainbow as symbols of peace in my poster. The colours in the rainbow represent nature, the tree is new life and the dove is a symbol of world peace. This poster reminds me of peace in the world.



Human Peace Rainbow by Michael Zugno

The people in my poster represent everyone in the world working together for world peace. The rainbow against the green background represents new life and new beginnings in nature. I used the peace symbol because everyone recognizes it. This poster makes me feel peaceful because the colours are very soothing.


We Are One by Renee Butler

 The people holding hands are a symbol of world peace. The balloon stands for new growth and love. The dove is an international symbol for peace. The night sky with stars seems very peaceful to me. My poster represents peace because even though we are all different and from all over the world we can unit as one. I created my poster this way because it makes me feel happy to be a part of this world.



Hidden Angel by Mark Weeden

I used an angel to represent peace because I believe that Angels are soft and gentle creatures. They look out for people and try not to cause conflict. The black background helps to bring out my Angel. This poster makes me feel calm and peaceful.


Peace Dude by Andre Armenti

I chose to use the peace symbol in my poster because everybody recognizes it and it looks great against the black background. The two hand symbols at the bottom of the circle represent ‘peace’ and ‘dude’, they look cool! The blue colour looks joyful and the black background makes the blue standout. This poster reminds me of people having fun and being happy in their lives. This poster also makes me feel happy, lively and creative.




Moonlight Night by Mick Ousey

This poster represents natures peace. One of the symbols I used was the dove, the dove represents new life. Being alone at night is peaceful. Another symbol I used was open space and trees because to me this is peaceful.




Peace and Unity by Nicholas Maggs

In my poster I chose to use the peace symbol as the focal point because it represents pure peace and love. I used the people holding hands to demonstrate unity between different cultures. The tree shows new and healthy life. This poster reminds me that everyone is different yet so alike.



The Happiness Rainbow by Mark Petersen

The rainbow is an amazing and exciting thing to see and this is why I chose it to represent world peace in my poster. The colours are spectacular, they are bright and they really stand out! The rainbow is a wonderful symbol of peace in nature. A rainbow only comes out after rain. Sometimes after a storm you feel blue, but a rainbow comes out and, being so beautiful, it make you feel happy again.