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"Juan Mann" (pronounced one man) and fellow huggers have been spreading the love in Pitt St Mall, Sydney Australia for a while now. The hit video came about after Juan Mann hugged Shimon Moore (lead singer of Sydney Band the Sick Puppies). The video was shot by Shimon Moore and the song is called All The Same. Although the Free Hugs campaign started years ago, it has recently received a huge boost with the publishing of the video. Visit Juan Mann's blogspace for updates on the campaign: You can also watch a video interview with Juan Mann on the SMH website.


Here are more videos inspired by the Free Hug Campaign (and there are plenty more being added every day!):

Free Hugs in South Korea

Free Hugs in "Insadong of Korea"

Free Hugs in Poland 2006

Free Hugs Campaign in Tel Aviv

more Free Hugs in Tel Aviv 

Free Hugs in Krakow  

Free Hugs in Newfoundland 

Free Hugs posted before Juan Mann's campaign  

Free Hugs group march 

As you can see, the Free Hugs campaign has now spread around the world - e.g. check out this website featuring a forum for international huggers to share their experiences.

So what are you waiting for - get hugging! Join our virtual hug for peace!




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