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Peace Sign or Peace Symbol art competition

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peace poetry

peace of art exhibition

We'd love you to come up with some great ideas using a peace sign as a base for your work or creating your own peace symbol.

Your art can be a painting or drawing or a human sculpture such as the one from the Colorado Rocky Mountain School below.

Please enter as soon as you can, as each month we will feature the best entries so far.

We'll be presenting winners with some great prizes, but more importantly we'll put your art out to thousands of people every day, so that they can think about peace as well. As you know the World Peace Society of Australia believes strongly that 'Peace Begins With Me'.

Students at Colorado Rocky Mountain School in the US( celebrated Earth Day & Dandelion Days 2004 by creating Human Earth Art, acknowledging our interdependence with the Earth and with all living creatures. The art pieces are human body mosaics, about 50 feet large, of a Tree Rooted in the Earth and a Peace Sign, set within a sea of blossoming dandelions on the CRMS campus, Carbondale, Colorado. Human Earth Art represents the school's long-standing commitment to environmental education and stewardship.

An Earth Day committee of about 15 students and teachers organized the Human Earth Art exhibit, along with environmental awareness activities on campus, and a booth at the Dandelion Days fair in Carbondale. The Earth Day group at Colorado Rocky Mountain School hopes that the Human Earth Art plants seeds of understanding and community awareness of our commitment to environmental stewardship. The Earth Art photos, posted at  

Peace inner and outer - World Peace Australia


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