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The World Peace Society - Please Help!

As you know since September 11 the world has irreversibly changed. We at the 'World Peace Society' [] feel that the lessons of this tragedy have not yet been learned. The same problems we face every day on our streets are translating to the unresolved fear and hatred that currently divides nations.

We would like to transform September 11, 2004 into an anniversary of peace. A day when every person advances the process of reconciliation and peace within themselves. It is a simple concept that 'Peace begins with Me' - no matter what we do, the first steps to lasting world peace begin in our homes, our schools and then finally, our governments.

‘We must be the change we wish to see’ – M.K. Gandhi

The World’s Biggest Hug for Peace already has united thousands of people around the globe in the simplest possible expression of peace and unity – a hug.

What you can do:
Visit and join the society (it's free!), and take part in the many internet campaigns for peace on the website.

Please share this email with friends, and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or suggestions.

In Peace.
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