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World's Biggest Virtual Hug

Currently 147952 hugs are pledged for January 21



On January 21st 1986 National Hugging Day was founded in the U.S.A. It has spread all over the world and is called by many names - Hug Day, World Hug Day, Send a Hug Day, International Hug Day, and even Hug a Bear Day!


This global 'virtual' Hug for Peace celebrating World Hug Day is your opportunity to show the world that 'peace begins with me'. We want to reach millions of people in the simplest heartfelt way that is possible, a hug!


When you've finished hugging, email us photos of your Hug Day and we will feature them on our site.


Click here to read more about Juan Mann's Free Hugs Campaign.


So click on the button to pledge now to hug your mum, hug your dad, hug your teacher, your boss, even your dog!!


These are the last 30 entries... 


first namelast namecountryhugscomment
PatrikDeijenstedtSweden300We will create a huge hug mob in Gothenburg ! Search for "Kram Mob Göteborg 2016" in facebook for the event! Wish you all a hug-lovely hugging day <3 !
Ruchi SinghIndia15no comment
Evelyn WilsonUnited States200I love human kind. I pledge to hug 200 people by the end of hug day
siebvan gorpMongolia299 i want to hug you very much groetjes sieb van gorp
AnasRawiYemen3hope peace will come to the world eventually <3
IdaGrzybUnited States8And virtual hugs to everyone.
HaroldSchaapNetherlands17tot dat we afspreken zal je het hiermee moeten doen, je bent echt een waanzinnig leuk meisje!!! xje je boy
PetraBerkhoutAustralia1Just a big hug for you x
:):)Netherlands300To everyone who is probably having a hard day, a hard time: a big hug to you! <3
ZahirderpAustralia3I LOV HUGS
TryfwnasEuagGreece20HUGS ARE LOVE <3
JeskeanonymousNetherlands20Everyone should be happy, I love you all!
JohnathanThompsonUnited States1But I plan a virtual hug to all the world. Peace.
MavraSajidPakistan300We Muslims greet by Hugging each other... and i give 2 or 3 hugs to my loved ones everyday especially my parents, because Love is increased by sharing and spreading... Not Lost... :)
MichailPrystupaUkraine1no comment
haguimkebabiBelgium2I hug my mother and my grandma!!xxx
MarionMéranger-GaltierFrance10I will physically hug the people I meet today, and virtually hug my Facebook contacts as well...
HanneTrumppGermany25all the hugs are only in mails , not reality, in order not to spread germs
HeshobanThavakumaranSri Lanka5I will hug everyone to who is responsible for the happy life Iam living at the moment.. My hug means that I love you and thank you so much
WilMeijer-KalNetherlands1I want to give a big and special hug to the mother-to-be, who I will be supporting to give birth TODAY! On Hugday! How special is that!
TonyVan HauteBelgium1A very big Hug for someone special that will be forever in my heart...
Bibi10Netherlands1A big big hug for Paulus from Bibi xxx
karenweetmanUnited Kingdom300Hug because it makes you happy!
StanNaaktgeborenBelgium1For Peace, against blind capitalism and for a restored Climate
VincentanonymousNetherlands300A hug makes you feel, understand the other just that tiny bit better, which in it's turn is able to make a huge difference when you realise that everyone is just in fact wanted to be loved and hugged :)
RianaAt earthNetherlands300For world peace, for all the children, for all the angry people so they can find the way back to pure and unconditional love in their hearts and to my family.
PaulDeneBelgium1I would give an arm and a leg if only I could hug my beloved son.
JoanneHulshofNetherlands1Huggie voor norbie
IlseVan DyckBelgium5Wish I could meet more people today, but I'll hug everyone I meet and send out a virtual hug to the whole world while doing so.



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